Sunday, May 17, 2009

nope. i'm still here :(

I'm going to just have to ask everyone's forgiveness for not posting anything about what's going on. let's just say, life for me sucks right now.

I know in one of my latest posts I mentioned that i had gotten a job, at least i think i said that. Well incase i didn't put where i was working, it was at Denny's. After about 3 weeks of that, i quit the job. yeah, it wasn't working out for me. there was one manager there who was a royal freaking bitch. but that's a long story i don't really want to get into.

So for about 2 weeks after that i was staying with a friend. it was awesome, i actually got to feel comfortable. which for me, is rare. well, she wound up kicking me out because i didn't have a job. how freaking wonderful. and i had even been searching for one too! so this past week i was sleeping for one night at a friend's another four nights at a friend's house from church, then thursday and friday nights, i was sleeping in my blasted car. all because for some bloody reason, i can't sleep at home!

my home doesn't feel like home anymore.

on the upside, i did get another job, this time at an allsups, i pray to God that this job works out for me.

I need the money to be able to move out!

anyway, you could say that i hate how my life is going right now... hell, i am.