Tuesday, April 6, 2010


What a wonderful stride i made just today. I got some silicon breastforms in the other day, and they feel almost exactly like real breasts. well, i asked my boss if i could start wearing them to work, he told me i needed to speak to the area supervisor. i spoke with her today and boy did it go well! she told me as long as she doesn't get complaints or freak outs from customers she has no problem with it. So, today i am going to go to work with a whole new attitude in my life and a whole new weight on my chest!

Monday, March 29, 2010


Ok, it's one of those days where i just want the world to just come to a bloody end right now. Or at least my world.
My work involves a lot of cleaning, and i've learned that razor blades make the best cleaning instrument for any flat surfaces. well, i have razor blades at my house now because of that, wether it be because i just forgot i had it or whatever. i want to not have my penis anymore. it's one of them things that seems just so easy to get rid of with a blade. I want it gone, but i know if i lose it now, i won't be able to get any kind of depth with my future vagina. I tell you now if they tell me after i jump through all the fucking loops they require of me that i can't get that surgery, i'll chop it off right there in their office. as far as i can see that appendage is a complete waste of flesh and it needs to be removed.

Otherwise life is going fantastic. I'm getting a new car, and i still have a job. what could honestly be better.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Nope, Still Alive

Ok, I feel horrible. I have been making you all wait for some sort of an update.

To begin, i havn't killed myself, and i don't plan to. although there are times where i want to.

I have made great strides in my transition. only with help from my friends though. I have started wearing makeup when i don't have to work, and i will be seen in public. I am keeping my nails painted. and i don't own any male undies or socks. I'm still working on my clothes, double wardrobes are expensive. And i've come out to a few more people, including my boss at work.

Also, i did get to move out, and was able to make these advancements because of that.

The other day i ordered a pair of cheap breastforms and i can't wait for them to come in. They should be the size i aspire to be, a C cup. but right now i would settle for a B or even an A.

My doctor doesn't know my plans yet, but i intend on coming out to her next tuesday(a week from today). Maybe i'll be able to convince her to put me on a really low dose of hormones, but i doubt it honestly. wish me luck.

And i recently found this awesome news on the web, check it out. The Gender Gene

That's about all i gotta say for now, let's see if i can keep this blog updated daily or even weekly.

tata for now!