Monday, March 29, 2010


Ok, it's one of those days where i just want the world to just come to a bloody end right now. Or at least my world.
My work involves a lot of cleaning, and i've learned that razor blades make the best cleaning instrument for any flat surfaces. well, i have razor blades at my house now because of that, wether it be because i just forgot i had it or whatever. i want to not have my penis anymore. it's one of them things that seems just so easy to get rid of with a blade. I want it gone, but i know if i lose it now, i won't be able to get any kind of depth with my future vagina. I tell you now if they tell me after i jump through all the fucking loops they require of me that i can't get that surgery, i'll chop it off right there in their office. as far as i can see that appendage is a complete waste of flesh and it needs to be removed.

Otherwise life is going fantastic. I'm getting a new car, and i still have a job. what could honestly be better.

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alan said...

I can understand your frustration, but as you said, better to do things the "right way" than to muck them up for later!

You've come awfully far in the time I've known you, though I'm sure it seems like forever from your side of things; patience, please? Just a bit?

Congratulations on the new wheels! Just in time for spring!