Thursday, January 8, 2009


Today went so well, it was actually the best day i've had in months!
I've actually been happy all day today.

What pretty much happened was me and my dad went into my counselors office, they gabbed for a few, after a brief intro to something that may come as a shock, i said "Dad, I'm transgendered." But it wasn't a shock to him, I think he knew the entire time.

For anyone seeing a counselor who really wants to tell somebody in your family, but doesn't know how they will react and is afraid of that possibility of a bad reaction. Take that person in to see your counselor. If you live with that person, just say that your counselor wants to see them to talk about things going on around the house. Take that person in, and don't hesitate when you tell them!

I feel as though a 2 ton weight has been lifted from my shoulders! and I just feel so phenomenally good!

Let me also say this, i nearly cried when my dad was taking this shocking news so wonderfully. the only reason i didn't is because I hate it when people see me crying. i really do.

That is all for now, loves! I'll, hopefully, be posting soon about how things go tomorrow night at an old friends house...


Ranko said...

Hurray!! I'm glad that everything went well!

alan said...

Fantastic! I'm so very happy for you!

All my life I hear about good things happening to good people; it's nice to see it come true!


Kimora said...

Hi... I stumbled across your profile, and I'm happy that your life is going in a happy direction! I myself am transgendered and luckily have support from friends and family.

So hopefully we can become online aquaintances...

Looking forward to reading more entries from you!