Thursday, January 8, 2009

The day

Today is the day that could make my life wonderful or horrible.

Today is the day that I tell my 70 year old father that I am transgendered. If I don't post how things went by tonight or early tomorrow morning it means it went bad. Really really bad. Otherwise I am 100% certain I will let everyone know how it went.

Gaining my fathers acceptance will be one of the biggest steps in my transgendered life. other then getting on Hormones...eventually. *giggles*

Wish me luck for today.


alan said...

Even if it goes badly, please come back, though I'm hoping with all my heart that it goes really really well!

Either way, the truth will be out there and it will set you free!

Everyone deserves a chance to be themselves in this world, to live their own life, and the chance at happiness that comes with it.

You are a beautiful girl, with a beautiful soul and heart and having someone tell you that you have to be something else just because that's what they expect is rather like telling a tiger to become an elephant!

It's not fair to either of them!

May all our worries be for naught and you be here in a little while smiling in happiness!


Anonymous said...

Hello & Good evening Danielle,

I hope it is not happen so bad your Coming out by your Dad. In my family it was horrible. Nobody understands me & the things are happen in my life before I had my Coming out.
But either what is happen / should happen in your family, I made good experience with friends. They stands to me and my decition. If is going badly, think of your real friends. They can help you / can give hold to U, are U going through the transition time.

Nice Greetings from Germany
Stay strong in your mind