Friday, February 13, 2009

scared out of my mind because of a chapter in a book

ok, two posts in one day... meh, it's important to me, and that's all that matters

Ok, I'm reading this book called, Furies of Calderon by Jim Butcher. It's a good book so far, but I just read a chapter in it that literally put fear into my own heart. Fear of it happening to me...
If you have happened to read this book, It's Chapter 28.

To keep it breif and unrevealed... Two women have been captured and are basically being "trained" to be slaves. Well, after one has been screwed by a bunch of guys, she is placed back in the holding area. The "master" was watching the entire time with the other woman telling her that that is going to happen to her. Well, the first woman, was faking fear and all that, too keep it less brutal... but then the Master dude gets this special collar out... and the first woman panics for real. To finish this real quick like, The collar is a training collar, and so long as you do what you are told, you get feelings of pleasure... but if you resist anything you are told to do, immense pain goes throughout your body... until you do what you're told.

Now, as I am reading this, I can feel anxiety building up inside of me. I can still feel that anxiety inside... and it scares me.

I am planning on becoming a woman... what if this happens to me... (i doubt it does... but still... what if)

i keep getting these images in my head of this... and feeling the fear from it all...

I am doing a lot to not cry right now... it's truly that scary for me. and i keep looking over my shoulder...

i'm scared of this.


alan said...

Two posts in one day is a great thing, no matter the reason!

I burnt the last book that gave me a feeling like that just so no one else ever got that feeling from that copy ever again!

Of course, if it's a library book you can't do that, but...


Kimora said...

Sounds like a yummy porno! lol, JK!

Hmmm, like I'm afraid of things like Hostel, Touristas & Trade & Borderland.

Ever seen those movies? About people who are away in foreign places and really bad things happen to them because they are foreign and vulnerable?

I just saw TAKEN at the movies, the new movie and it's kinda like that. It was super good, albeit it being highly unrealistic...

But yeah, I'm afraid of that stuff!

I hope I'm on topic with what you're intending, but knowing me I'm way off subject, ha ha!!