Thursday, February 12, 2009

Worse and Worse

Wow, I bet you are thinking, "damn, first she is happy, then she is sad, then she is happy again, then she is sad again" and so on...

Why do I think that? because i know that it's true. I keep doing this, I post a happy, woo hoo kind of post, then i post one like the one i am about to do. and for all of that, I apologize

Now, onto the depressing post.

Well, I made one phone call today, and it turned my day worse. Monday, is really when this horrible week started.

On Monday, I got this letter from my college, telling me I owe them 500 some odd dollars! I thought it was a mistake and so I took it to an Advisor and they told me to go and talk with the business office. I go to the business office and they tell me i should talk to Financial Aid... So I go and talk with Financial Aid. It turns out, I have to pay that because I Dropped a course, and they had already given me my financial Aid money... Oh, and did i mention that they want me to pay them 181$ by sunday... i'm only getting about 160ish$ ... ... yeah, not fun.

Now, Today, I called (basically) the Welfare Office to see if i could get my bum into government housing, and get away from my house and whatnot... talk about your epic disasters... the only office taking any kind of application is one county over... not to mention it closes today at 4:pm... and I don't have access to a fax machine, to fax them anything anyways.

Just freaking wonderful.

so to end this,

I can't Drop out of school, for they would have me pay every penny back that i got.
I can't Stay in school, because they would make me pay every penny they are charging me
I can't Fail, for they would have me pay back every penny that i got
I can't pass, because it's all to freaking stressful to be able to do so
I can't Move out of my dad's house, because i can't afford to
AND I can't Stay living with my dad, because he can't seem to accept me for me.


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alan said...

There are times when we can only live one minute at a time, taking the next few steps in front of us...

I wish I could say something more profound, my friend!