Wednesday, February 4, 2009

still alive, but sick.

Ok, to keep thing brief.

To start, i'm sick with some sort of flu that's going around... it sucks!

and today something amazing happened. I go to Denny's pretty often...more often then i should... anyway! So there i am eating my tiny meal and drawing in my sketch book, well this woman who was sitting in the booth across from me, gets up to leave and stops right next to my table to ask me a question (i was too enthralled in my sketch book to notice her) "Excuse me, but are you Mark and Linda's daughter?" I only said, "what" because i didn't notice her or really what she said at first. I guess she was embarrassed for mistaking me for a girl *giggles* I wasn't dressed up, down, anything. i just had my hair down, kinda framing my face, some disgusting stubble on my face, and just my regular guy clothes on. so either that woman was blind, or something inside of me was showing through while i was drawing. meh, i dunno. i just thought i would tell y'all

that's all for now, i just hope that my net stays up long enough for this to be posted now. Toodles!

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alan said...

Hope you feel better soon...these winter-time bugs are miserable creatures!

I think your soul was showing!