Wednesday, December 24, 2008

My Attention was Grabbed

somebody sent me a comment here telling me... ok, suggesting to me, that i be sure to spend that "special ;)" time with women as well as men. and the reason that comment peaked my interest was, i've been told before, and during my realizations about myself, i realized that there are aspects about men i love and aspects about women i love. Honestly, i wish i could have both easily, but alas, i'm not that good of a people person.

before i would fantasize men so often, i would always always always fantasize about women, but lets just say they were always the man in the relationship. (to put it bluntly) when i fantasize in the more sexual way, in all of my fantasies, i dont do any penetrating. and every time i try to fantasize that way, it just doesn't work. make sense?

that alone, now that i think about it, make me wonder (as a guy) does that make me gay? or does the fact that women can be and are often involved in these fantasies, just make me bi?
I dont know...

Sorry for my bluntness there, i just couldn't think of a way to beat around the bush with that one.

anyway, i hope you all are ready for the holiday here in just a day or so.
I know i'm going to enjoy it! My dad is going over to my grandma's and giving the house to me! i can guarantee that i'm going to dress up all pretty for a christmas gift to myself! Now, if only i had a good pair of heels! lol.

Happy Holidays, everyone!

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alan said...

It's very easy to "think" yourself into a corner, just as it's easy to paint yourself into one!

I hope Santa surprises you with something wonderful tomorrow!