Wednesday, December 24, 2008

What i realized i want for chrismas

a boy/girlfriend.

I shouldn't be home alone right now, i should be snuggled up with my(to keep it simple i will use boy) boyfriend. But i dont have one.

The only advantage i have right now, being alone, is i can feel super feminine! even without cute shoes! because i dont have any! oh well! i still feel great!

but i bet you if i had this boyfriend i keep thinking of, he would make me feel even better! i probably wouldn't even have to dress up as much then!

something i have realized as well! Boobs make the woman! at least if you look like me! I dont have boobs, but even with a stuffed bra i feel great. at least compared without stuffing! of course it's making me question how large of breasts it's going to take to truely make me happy. well, i know this i would settle for a B cup right now.

but that's just my dreams i guess. and for now, it's going to have to stay there.

1 comment:

alan said...

Without dreams to look forward to our days would be very boring...

So savor them!